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If you’ve been sidelined from a sport you love because of an injury, the knowledgeable team at Total Body Advanced Medicine can help. Men, women, and adolescents in San Pedro, California, rely on the sports medicine practitioners to get them back on their feet and back in the game. Call the office to learn more or use the online scheduling option to book at your convenience.

Sports Medicine Q & A

What is sports medicine?

As part of the larger branch of medicine called orthopedics, sports medicine practitioners focus solely on injuries you sustain during exercise or sports. 

If you’re an endurance or competitive athlete who wants to push your body to the limits and maximize your performance, work with a sports medicine specialist at Total Body Advanced Medicine.

Your sports medicine practitioner specializes in noninvasive methods to treat conditions that affect your musculoskeletal system. They also customize a plan to help you prevent injury and illness while you work toward your performance goals. 

What are some common sports injuries?

Some of the most common sports injuries are:

  • Sprains and strains
  • Rotator cuff overuse
  • Concussions 
  • Dislocations
  • Stress fractures
  • Overuse injuries
  • Fractures
  • Tendonitis
  • Limping

The team at Total Body Advanced Medicine also uses NormaTec® to treat your sports injuries. It’s an industry-leading compression device that accelerates your recovery and improves your overall results. 

Do I have to be an athlete to get help from a sports medicine practitioner?

Not at all. If you want to get back to a regular exercise program, train for your local 5K race, or participate in strenuous activity after you’ve been inactive for a while, the team at Total Body Advanced Medicine welcomes you to their sports medicine program. 

If you’ve sustained an injury, you’ll get the same care and expertise that elite and competitive athletes receive. Your sports medicine specialist also gives you nutritional advice, exercise recommendations, and guidance about how to avoid injuries in the future.

What is functional rehabilitation?

Functional rehabilitation is an assertive physical therapy program designed to get you back to the shape you were in prior to your injury. Your sports medicine specialist works with you to customize exercises that help restore your range of motion, flexibility, and strength. 

The goal of functional rehabilitation is to get you back to the sport or activity you love and in the best shape possible to prevent future injuries. 

What are the stages of functional rehabilitation?

The stages of functional rehabilitation at Total Body Advanced Medicine are:

  • Restoring strength and endurance to your muscles
  • Improving flexibility and balance
  • Clearing you to return to the court or field

For comprehensive care for your sports injury, call the office or use the online scheduling option.